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How many Mattis or Teppos are there in Finland? The Digital and Population Data Services Agency's popular Name service has been reformed

Publication date 7.3.2024 11.59
Press release

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency has reformed its Name service. The service allows you to view statistics on the forenames and surnames stored in the Finnish Population Information System. You can also browse various statistics on the most common names in different time periods. The data in the service ranges from the 1800s to the present.

The reform improved the usability of the service by making it more customer-oriented and by updating its visual identity. In addition to the previous statistics, the service now displays interactive graphs of the names. The coverage of the most common name lists has also been increased. For example, the surname list now includes the 100 most common surnames. 

The service gives you rough estimates of the number of the names. However, if you search for a rare name, its exact number will not be displayed in the service to ensure the privacy of individuals. This also ensures that the service does not give the wrong impression of a name being established for a specific gender. The Name service contains information on the forenames and surnames of all those who are registered in the Finnish Population Information System.

Explore the new Name service.

Most popular names in Finland

Name trends vary from year to year and decade to decade. According to Laura Mattila, Registrar at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Finnish forenames range from Christian names to nature names and names given after prominent persons. Forename trends of recent years include individuality and internationality. On the other hand, old names often return to popularity, and parents may seek inspiration from the popular names of their grandparents' age groups.

The list of most popular surnames is less likely to see major changes, as surnames are passed down to children. However, the popularity of completely new surnames has increased year by year. The popularity of new surnames reflects the goal of individuality, and recent spouses want to create a new name for themselves instead of adopting one of the spouses' surnames, for example. 

"Those considering a name change often use the Name service to determine the popularity of the name. If you are considering changing your name, we recommend that you read the instructions Names | Digital and Population Data Services Agency ( and apply for a change of name in our e-service. For certain types of cases, such as applying for a commonly used first name, the application can be resolved in an automated decision-making procedure. In this case, the customer can receive the decision as a Message in just a few minutes," Mattila says. 

Most popular names entered in the Population Information System 

The numbers include all persons recorded in the Population Information System, including the dead. 

Most popular women's names 

  1. Maria
  2. Helena
  3. Johanna
  4. Anneli
  5. Kaarina

Most popular men's names 

  1. Juhani
  2. Johannes
  3. Olavi
  4. Antero
  5. Tapani

Most popular surnames  

  1. Korhonen
  2. Virtanen
  3. Mäkinen
  4. Nieminen
  5. Mäkelä

The data were retrieved from the Name service on 5 March.

Additional information

Explore the new Name service
Laura Mattila, Registrar, Digital and Population Data Services Agency, tel. +358 295 539 127, [email protected]

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