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Hi there! Are you going on student exchange?

Publication date 17.4.2023 13.50 | Published in English on 2.5.2023 at 13.22
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Check out these five tips offered by

Temporary notification of move

You must submit a temporary notification of move, if your exchange period is over three months. When you submit the notification, authorities (such as Kela or Tax Administration), banks, and insurance companies automatically receive your new address information.

Submit a notification of change to student financial aid in Kela e-services

By submitting a notification of change to student financial aid, you’ll ensure that Kela provides you with study benefits during your exchange. Benefits granted for student exchange are study grant, housing supplement,  and student loan guarantee

Authorise someone close to you to handle official matters for you

During your exchange, tax returns probably won’t be the first thing in your mind. Fortunately you can outsource this to, say, a family member or a good friend. In practice, outsourcing happens through an electronic mandate. When you grant an electronic mandate to a loved one, they can fill in, for example, a tax return on your behalf.

The duration of the mandate can be set to be the same as the length of your exchange, allowing you to fully focus on completing your exchange studies.

Never miss important messages from the authorities – use a mobile!

However, if you prefer to fill in your tax return by yourself, make sure you receive important messages from the authorities also during your exchange. By using free Messages  and mobile application, you can receive official mail in electronic form directly to your mobile phone.

Makes the environment happy, too!


Wow, what a list! A change of scenery in itself is exciting, and there’s been more than enough paperwork to be done during the application process. Just remember that once all of these steps are done and taken care of, all you need to do is focus on broadening your horizons.

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