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Couples can get married after office hours in the autumn marriage ceremony event in Helsinki

Publication date 27.7.2023 8.30
Press release
White bouguet and metal sign with text Love Agency in Finnish and Swedish
Marriage ceremony event in Helsinki 21.9.2023

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency, or the Love Agency, organises a marriage ceremony event in the Helsinki marriage ceremony premises on Thursday, 21 September. In the event, couples can get married after office hours between 16.00 to 19.00, when the last appointment for a marriage ceremony on a normal day is at 15.15. The marriage ceremony is free of charge and if necessary, the witnesses will be provided by the Agency.

The September event will serve not only those who work but also those who did not manage to book a marriage ceremony for the summer months. Helsinki is a popular place for marriage ceremonies, and especially all summer Fridays were already booked in spring. On the other working days in the summer, couples have been able to get married after waiting about a month.

Have the impediments to marriage examined before your autumn wedding

Before the marriage ceremony, the couple must request an examination of impediments to marriage. This way, it can be ensured that there are no impediments to their marriage, such as minor age or a valid marriage.

These days, you can easily request the examination of impediments via an electronic service. You should submit the request a few weeks before the marriage ceremony at the latest. Currently, the average examination takes around two weeks. If foreign documents must be presented in the examination of impediments, we advise you to reserve several weeks for the examination. If you want to get married in the event, it is time to act.

An examination of impediments to marriage is valid for four months from when the certificate was issued. You should therefore check the validity of a certificate that has been issued earlier.

Getting married takes fifteen minutes

The time reserved for the marriage ceremony at the Love Agency is 15 minutes and the actual ceremony lasts a few minutes. The event is therefore ideal for those who prefer their wedding wows simple, without anything extra.

The Helsinki Love Agency has two marriage ceremony premises, Lemmenjoki and Riisitunturi, which are both available on the evening of the event. You will find out which of them your marriage ceremony will take place in when you arrive. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the premises in advance. The premises have room for a maximum of 20 persons, and there are seats for ten. The premises are accessible. 

Up to 26 couples may be wed during the event. The marriage ceremony appointments between 16.00 and 18.00 were opened for booking in July. More appointments will be added until 19.00 if earlier appointments are all booked.

Checklist for the bridal couple

  1. request an examination of impediments to marriage and notify your choice of surnames
  2. book an appointment for the ceremony in the online service
  3. arrive at the event in person and bring with you:
  • your valid IDs
  • the certificate of the examination of impediments to marriage, if it has been issued by a parish (you do not need to bring the certificate is it has been issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency)
  • if you wish, two witnesses aged at least 15 years – if necessary, the Agency will provide the witnesses for your marriage ceremony

For additional information about the event, contact: Tanja Tams, Chief Specialist, Digital and Population Data Services Agency, tel. +358 295 536 347, [email protected]

In 2022, the Love Agency wed more than 10,600 couples. The agency employs 140 officiators all around Finland. Check out all the marriage ceremony premises.

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