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Changes to sending Messages to an adult under guardianship 

Publication date 7.12.2023 15.59 | Published in English on 7.12.2023 at 16.03
Press release

From 12 December 2023, an adult under guardianship may also authorise and act as an attorney in matters related to the use of Messages. Previously, information on being placed under guardianship has prevented authorisation on behalf of another party. 

An adult who is under guardianship may, in the future:  

  • use e-Authorizations to grant their guardian or other person the right to use Messages on their behalf
  • act on behalf of their child or company in Messages 
  • act as an attorney acting on behalf of another person or company 

Do the following when you send messages to a person under guardianship

Please, note that the attorney or the guardian cannot automatically read Messages received by an adult under guardianship.

Using Messages is classified as a personal matter. This is why its use is not restricted in guardianship situations. 

If your organisation sends messages related to the financial matters of a person under guardianship, please send the message to the guardian or the mandated guardian by other means than a Message addressed to the guardian. 

Please, also note that the person under guardianship has the right to receive information on matters related to their finances, so the message must also be sent to the person under guardianship.

Additional information 

Digital and Population Data Services Agency, customer service for organisations, tel. +358 295 535 115 (phone service available Mon–Fri 9–15), organisaatiopalvelut[at] 

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