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Changes to reminders sent by Messages about unread messages

Publication date 24.8.2022 8.00
Press release

Going forward, Messages will remind message recipients three days after receiving a message with a verifiable notification in the service. The first notification of a new message is always sent as soon as the message arrives.

For other unread messages, the service will remind the recipient after seven days.

Going forward, Messages will also remind users of welcome and error messages sent by the system. Error messages concern situations where the user has attempted to send a message to an authority via Messages, but for some reason the message has failed send.

Where do message notifications go? Messages always sends a notification of a new message to the email address the recipient has entered in the service. If the recipient uses the mobile application, the application will also notify the user of new messages. Reminders will only be sent to the email address provided by the user.  

Please make sure that the email address you have entered in Messages is up to date so that you can receive notifications of new messages.

Please note!

Reminders will not be sent for notification-type messages. These messages may for example include prompts to log in to an authority’s e-service. Additional information about notification messages:​​​​​​​

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