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Brand awareness of the increased by 9 per cent since 2021

Publication date 19.2.2024 10.11 | Published in English on 19.2.2024 at 10.13
Press release

According to a survey carried out in October 2023, the brand awareness of the is at an 88 per cent.

The brand awareness has increased by 9 per cent when compared to the results of the previous survey, which was carried out in 2021.

Satisfaction with the services has also increased. Granting and using mandates is seen as easy. Receiving important messages is seen as fast and safe. Additionally, survey respondents feel that the web service offers a wide range of useful and varied information on how to manage different issues and life events.

1,000 citizens and 902 SME decision-makers responded to the brand awareness survey, which was carried out in October 2023.

The brand awareness survey is carried out once every two years. The survey examines the brand awareness of as well as the level of satisfaction with services among citizens and SMEs.