Use of cookies on the website

The website uses cookies to collect information on the use of the website and on the data terminal equipment and web browsers of the users visiting the website. We use the cookies to analyse the website.

Snoobi Analytics, the software we use, measures and produces reports on the use of the websites so that we can develop their contents, the user experience and our business.

The data collected to analyse the website use is not processed or stored so that individual users could be identified. You can prevent the analysis by disabling the cookies in your browser settings or by installing a special plug-in to your browser.

Digital and population data services agency can use cookies as an essential part of its electronic services, such as service access control. Disabling such cookies also prevents the use of the electronic services.

The website also uses social plug-ins allowing the website to display social media and other similar contents. The social plug-ins can use cookies in accordance with their own principles and to collect information on their own services.

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