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Väestörekisterikeskus edistää verkkopalveluiden saavutettavuutta – katso video!

Publication date 14.9.2018 9.00
Press release

The accessibility of web services is of great importance to the Population Register Centre. In this video, Project Manager Jani Ruuskanen and UX-Manager Mari Kervinen from the Population Register Centre explain how accessibility is considered in the development of services.

The EU’s new web accessibility directive and Finland’s national legislation, which complies with the directive, are improving the accessibility of public web services. The application of accessibility requirements in public web services will begin in phases on 23 September 2019. Read more on the Ministry of Finance website behind this link:

“We believe that an accessible service is usability at its best, which every user benefits from,” Kervinen states.

Watch the videos on YouTube: (with English subtitles)