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Ukrainian government's cyber security developer Merle Maigre's interview on 28 March 2022 – main lessons learned about digital security and preparedness

Publication date 24.3.2022 10.00 | Published in English on 25.4.2022 at 15.51
Press release

Welcome to the Digiturvakatsaus ekstra webinar with Merle Maigre, a top expert in cyber security. The Estonian expert Maigre has developed central government cyber security in Ukraine as part of the e-Governance Academy project. Prior to this, Merle served as the Director of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence in Tallinn and as a Security Policy Adviser to Estonian Presidents.

Kimmo Rousku ja Merle Maigre keskustelevat
Merle Maigre (right) from Estonian e-Governance Academy and Kimmo Rousku (left) from the Finnish Digital Agency discussing digital security and preparedness


What kind of experiences Merle Maigre has had during her work in Ukraine? What are the most important lessons learned about digital security and preparedness in her opinion? Kimmo Rousku, Senior Specialist in Digital Security at the Finnish Digital Agency, will discuss these themes with Maigre. 

The discussion, conducted in English, was recorded on 23 March, and it will be shown in the Digiturvakatsaus ekstra webinar with Finnish subtitles on Monday, 28 March at 15:00–15:40. After the discussion, Merle Maigre will be in the chat to answer viewers' questions, which you can ask during the event from 15:00 onwards.

The webinar is especially aimed at the management of organisations and experts in digital security, information management and ICT, but all people interested in digital security are warmly welcomed to join. The event is open to everyone and free of charge, and you do not need to register for it in advance. The webinar is organised by the Finnish Digital Agency. A recording of it will be published afterwards.


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Enquiries by email: [email protected]

Contact person: Kimmo Rousku, Senior Specialist, Finnish Digital Agency, [email protected], tel. +358 295 535 120

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