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The new content in the Digitally Secure Life mobile game helps you learn digital security skills needed in remote work

Publication date 15.10.2021 12.23
Press release

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency has published new content for the Digitally Secure Life game. The mobile game allows you to learn digital security skills in an easy and fun way. The new tasks focus on the digital security threats in remote work. Try it and see how you do!

What do you do if you find a USB drive on the ground? Can you lend a work phone to a family member? How do you destroy work-related paper material in a secure manner? How do you share a presentation in an online meeting in a secure manner?

In a digitalising society, it is important for all of us to be able to act in a secure manner in threat situations in the digital world. Everyone will run into these situations in both working life and leisure time. 

The new content of the Digitally Secure Life game focuses on the digital security skills needed during a remote working day. The player’s task is to deal with everyday situations as an employee of the imaginary Municipality of Tyrskylä. Will you survive a working week full of digital security challenges related to remote work?

Gamification of digital security education enables learning in a fun way

The Digitally Secure Life game, published at the end of 2020, complements and enhances the training module that organisations can use in the digital security orientation of their own staff. Gamified learning is effective, as the situations encountered in the game correspond to the digital threats we face in our everyday lives. The lessons learned are easy to put into practice and remember.

The first section of the game is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The new content will be available in Finnish and the other language versions will be published later. The language of the game can be selected in the game settings.
The free game can be downloaded to iOS devices from the App Store and to Android devices from Google Play.

The game has received plenty of positive feedback

The Digitally Secure Life game has been rated 4.2/5 in the App Store and 4.8/5 in Google Play. The feedback commends practicality and learning:
•    Great game! A good game for developing one's own information security competences!
•    A useful and fun game for all people! Here we can find out what can be done on the Internet in a secure manner, what cannot and why.

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