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​Address Service 

The Address Service helps you to find the current addresses of almost everyone living permanently in Finland. The addresses are obtained from the Population Information System.

The addresses can be searched by using a person’s first name and a family name. It's also possible to use a person´s former family name. You can use some other background information about a person as well, for example a date-of-birth, age or a former place of residence.

You will receive the address you asked for if the person has been identified correctly, has not forbidden the disclosure of his/her address and is over 15 years old.

Phone service in Finnish tel. 0600 0 1000

Phone service in Swedish tel. 0600 0 1001

The lines of our phone service are open every day 8 am to 10 pm.

Calls cost € 2.50/min + local network/mobile call rate.

Phone service is only in use in Finland.