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New directors appointed at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency

Publication date 10.1.2024 14.10
Press release

New directors have been appointed at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency to work towards smooth serving Finland. The Agency promotes the digitalisation of society and provides services for various life events. Promoting digitalisation in today's rapidly changing operating environment requires long-term planning and work.

Digitalisation also offers methods for developing the activities of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The Agency, which started operating in 2020, has been able to develop services, processes, guidelines and operating methods to work at the national level. Currently, the agency is focusing on the modernisation of services, case management and service production, in particular. The aim is to ensure that using official services in Finland is as smooth as possible for everyone, regardless of the customer’s place of residence or the location of the services.

Eero Konttaniemi Eero Konttaniemi is the new Head of Development and Information Management 

Eero Konttaniemi, M.Sc. (Admin), started as Head of the Development and Information Management Unit on 1 October 2023. Konttaniemi moved to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) where he held a similar position. Konttaniemi has previously worked in the Population Register Centre and the National Police Board, among other agencies. 

- It is wonderful to get to lead the development and information management of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and, this way, promote the digitalisation of society as a whole, says Eero Konttaniemi.

Kati Pärnänen appointed HR Director

Kati Pärnänen Kati Pärnänen, M.Sc. (Soc.), was appointed the Human Resouces Director on 1 January 2024. Pärnänen has previously held a similar position at the Ministry of Justice. Pärnänen has also worked as Communications Director at the Ministry of Justice and as Communications Manager at the Ministry of the Interior and the Finnish Medicines Agency Fimea. 

- I'm eager to develop an even better work community in collaboration with the entire organisation, says Kati Pärnänen.



Pirkko Anttila Pirkko Anttila and Heidi Rantatulkkila will lead the new Individual Customers and Population Information Services units 

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency wants to offer better customer service and better anticipate the use of internal resources and make it more flexible. As a part of this work, the agency made organisational changes in the autumn to develop its operations and streamline them. At the same time, two new directors were appointed at the Agency. 

Pirkko Anttila, LLM, D.Sc. (Soc.), has been appointed head of the Individual Customers Unit and Heidi Rantatulkkila, LLM, D.Sc. (Soc.), has been appointed head of the Population Information Services Unit. The new heads of the units began their duties on 1 January 2024. 

Heidi Rantatulkkila - I'm very pleased to be able to develop the agency's customer-oriented activities and promote the digitalisation of our services as the head of the Individual Customers Unit," says Pirkko Anttila. 

- In the new organisation, we will offer customers experiences of personal success. We will also think about how everyday work can be done and managed more smoothly." Everyone has full permission to be enthusiastic, to develop and to succeed, says Heidi Rantatulkkila. 

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency operates nationally and employs around 1000 people.