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Deploying the Data Exchange Layer is easier than ever – X-Road Toolkit automates Security Server configuration

Publication date 31.8.2021 14.02 | Published in English on 31.8.2021 at 18.46
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The Data Exchange Layer can now be deployed even more easily than before. The automatic X-Road Toolkit scripts allow you to configure one or more Security Servers for use. Using predetermined scripts saves time and reduces errors.

What is X-Road Toolkit?

X-Road Toolkit is a Python-based tool for automatic Security Server installation and management. It can be used for configuring all Data Exchange Layer Security Server options (RHEL, Ubuntu, Docker). X-Road Toolkit enables you to configure one or more Security Servers at a time.

X-Road Toolkit has been adapted for use with the Data Exchange Layer. Its scripts automatically configure the Security Server, ensuring compatibility with the Data Exchange Layer. For example, this means that the timestamp service selected with scripts is automatically suitable for use in Finland.

Read more about X-Road Toolkit.

What are the benefits of automated scripts?

Automated management scripts facilitate Security Server installation and management.

By using X-Road Toolkit

  • You save time: The scripts enable the automation of simple and repetitive tasks, saving time for more challenging duties. In addition, configuration using automatic scripts is faster than manual configuration.
  • You reduce your workload: By using automatic scripts, you can complete the entire configuration with only two commands.
  • You reduce the probability of errors: When using automatic scripts, the probability of errors is reduced as the number of separately configured items is decreased.
  • You can remotely manage and configure the Security Server: Combined with the management interface, the automated scripts enable remote configuration, management, and maintenance.

X-Road Toolkit also allows you to create various installation packages as the YAML configuration file can be adapted to meet the needs of similar organisations.

X-Road Toolkit – features and development

X-Road Toolkit has been developed jointly with the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS). NIIS will continue the development work next year 2022.

At the moment, you can configure and manage one or more security servers with the X-Road Toolkit.

The basic configuration of the security server includes, for example:

  • Initializing the security server and adding the configuration anchor
  • Creating, importing and exporting certificates
  • Creating and registering one or more subsystems
  • Creating services and setting access rights

In addition to basic configuring, you can:

  • Renew certificates
  • Manage your organisation’s subsystems and services
  • Make backups
  • Scan the Security Server for errors
  • Configure load balancing and High Availability setup

Deploying X-Road Toolkit

X-Road Toolkit has been published as a Python Package Index (PyPI). Instructions for deploying X-Road Toolkit are available on GitHub. The instructions also provide help with defining the configuration, commands and failure recovery.

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Should you have any questions about X-Road Toolkit, please contact us by email at [email protected]

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