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Watch out for scams that imitate MyTax and e-Identification

Publication date 9.3.2023 12.33 | Published in English on 10.3.2023 at 14.25

We want to warn you about a malicious MyTax ad link that may appear in Google search. The sponsored ad takes you to a scam website that requests your personal data and mimics e-Identification. Please be careful because the scam looks very real.

The Finnish Tax Administration and the Finnish Digital Agency have initiated the necessary measures.

Follow these instructions

Do not access the services via a search engine, as cybercriminals may manipulate search results and raise fake websites to the top of search results. Enter the full address of the website in the address bar, for example You can also bookmark the most important addresses or add them to favourites on your browser.

If you have mistakenly entered your credit card information or online banking ID, you may have become a victim of fraud. First contact your bank and then report the offence to the police. It is also advisable to report attempted frauds.

If you suspect that your personal data is in wrong hands, see guidelines on the Web Service.

For additional information on online scams, visit the Web Service.

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