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Semantic artifial intelligence for Finnish government

Publication date 8.12.2016 9.25
Press release

Profium delivers semantic search engine, artificial intelligence and rule engine to enrich digital services.

The Finnish Population Register Centre has signed a contract with Profium Oy to use Profium Sense software in order to improve the searchability of the services offered via The National Architecture for Digital Services programme []. In practice this means to enrich the Services [] with a semantic ontology model.

"Global search engines have been benefiting from an ontology model in their advanced search operations, and now this functionality will be available also for the Finnish public sector actors. This means better search results and links to the relevant information for the end users", comments Janne Laakso, Sales Director of Profium.

"It is important to have the public service descriptions and automatic annotation in renewing Services ( This will help citizens to more easily find public services and to match their information needs with the relevant service. Digital communication and interaction with public authorities will become a lot easier", informs Janne Viskari, Director of the Architecture for Digital Services unit at the Finnish Population Register Centre.

The Population Register Centre (founded in 1969) provides information services to Finnish citizens as well as to government, businesses and other organisations on the basis of data contained in the Population Information System. The Population Information System is the most used national base register in Finland and it has been designed specifically to serve government information needs. It is also used for purposes such as academic research. The Population Register Centre produces services aimed at businesses and other organisations in cooperation with its partners. It develops and offers secure e-transactions with electronic single sign-on identity, and executes The National Architecture for Digital Services programme together with The Ministry of Finance. Citizens are offered relevant service content, purpose, requirements, service hours and possible links to related services in one package.

Profium is a twenty year old privately held Finnish software company, specializing in semantic technologies. Profium Sense(TM) uses Semantics and Artificial Intelligence to enable businesses to make better decisions and automate routines. It converts ambient data into organized information. Semantic web technology applications manage information based on its meaning, not on the technical characters of data. Profium Sense Semantic Search with rules and ontologies goes beyond keywords by understanding the user's intent and context to help automate routines. Profium Sense Semantic Search finds the right information through the contextuality and meaning of the words.