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Maintenance break is over: Messages have now been transferred to a new production version 

Publication date 27.8.2023 11.20 Messages were transferred to a new production version on 26 August 2023 and the service is again available. You can again send messages as usual.

If your organisation was unable to stop scheduled messages during the maintenance break

  • messages sent using SMTP and SFTP interfaces have been sent to recipients
  • your organisation must send again the messages that caused an error message 

The new production version boosts the performance of Messages, makes the service more predictable and allows us to develop the service more quickly.

The new version simplifies error resolution

The new production version also simplifies error resolution. Organisations using Messages no longer need to resend messages as often as in the past after errors in message processing have occurred. Errors can be resolved in the service without the resending of messages.

We will provide more information about the new features of Messages later.


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