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Spring Splash is coming once again – remember the date: 3 April 2019!

Publication date 13.12.2018 0.48
Press release

The Spring Splash Seminar, which is already a tradition of sorts, will next be held at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki on 3 April 2019.

The event will be attended by those undertakings and experts in our society who are interested in digitalisation and its promotion.

  • What will a smart and service-oriented society be like and what are the opportunities it can offer us?
  • What will new technology mean for security, knowledge and data, when the entire world is our interface?
  • How will we as people operate in our new smart daily lives and how can public administration help use in this?

Join us for the day to take a peek at the future and to discuss the customer-friendly services that will be needed to support us during the transition.

More information will be provided on the event in early 2019.

The event is organised by the Population Register Centre.