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Not all users have received email notifications for new Messages

17.1.2020 12.30 | Published in English on 17.1.2020 at 17.14
Press release

Due to a technical fault affecting Messages, not all users have received email notifications of new messages arriving in the service. The fault affected around 150,000 messages. For these messages, no separate email notification was sent to the user. The problem is now fixed, and the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is taking action to prevent this problem from happening again.

All the official notifications sent to citizens have arrived in the service as normal, but due to this fault, some service users may have remained unaware that new messages have arrived for them in Messages. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency recommends all citizens using Messages to check for new messages in the Messages service.

In case of problems, contact the authority that sent the message

The number of messages being sent through Messages is increasing rapidly. For example, around 563,000 separate messages were sent through the service in December 2019. The service has been in use since 2018. There have been some individual short service outages before, but the recently identified fault is the first significant problem with the service.

‘We are sorry for any trouble it has caused to users. Most of the notifications arriving through the service do not require the recipient to take any action. However, some of them may be urgent notifications. In those situations, it is worth first contacting the authority that sent the message to discuss the matter,’ explains Director Timo Salovaara from Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

‘All authorities that use Messages have been informed about the fault, and we have started to inform all citizens that use Messages. This fault with the email notifications was very unusual and has already been fixed, and we hope that it will not affect citizens’ willingness to start using Messages. We strongly believe that e-services are very useful and we are certainly doing all we can to maintain people’s trust in these services,’ Director Salovaara adds.

Additional information

Digital and Population Data Services Agency

Director Timo Salovaara, tel: +358 (0)295 535 303, firstname.lastname[at]

Communications and Marketing Manager Liinu Lehto,
tel: +358 (0)295 535 385, firstname.lastname[at]

What are Messages?

Through Messages, citizens can receive notifications, decisions and other notices from authorities in a secure digital form. Instead of arriving by post, the messages are sent to the messages section of the online service, which you can log in to using banking codes or a mobile certificate. The authorities that use the service include the Finnish Tax Administration, the National Land Survey of Finland, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom, the enforcement offices and a number of hospital districts, municipalities and cities. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency is responsible for the maintenance and development of the service. The use of the service is growing rapidly. It is currently used by 340,000 citizens and 260 authorities.