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Ethical reflection is necessary before using artificial intelligence – a comprehensive guide helps organisations use AI accountably

Publication date 14.11.2023 9.22
Press release

Using artificial intelligence (AI) requires ethical consideration from organisations, not least due to the societal risks and threats related to AI. Today, the Digital and Population Data Services Agency has published a guide on the responsible use of AI, available to everyone.

The digital environment is changing rapidly. It is expected that more and more organisations will start to use AI in their operations.

– Using new technologies like AI involves various social, societal, data protection and environmental risks that organisations have to anticipate and take into account, explains the author of the guide, Chief Specialist Marko Latvanen from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

New guide offers good practices for risk assessment and the organisation of operating methods

The Using AI responsibly guide, produced by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, is one answer to the growing demand for topical information on AI and related ethical considerations. The guide offers perspectives, information and good practices to support ethical reflection.

– The guide helps organisations assess their capabilities, organise ethical practices, get citizens involved, prepare data policies and take legislation and security into account, says Marko Latvanen.

The Using AI responsibly guide is primarily aimed at employees in public administration organisations who work with data, system development, information management or data protection. The guide is also available to others interested in the responsible use of artificial intelligence. The guide will be presented today in connection to a webinar on the ethics of AI and the webinar is open to all.

The guide is clear and easy to understand and use. It is available in Finnish, Swedish and English. Anyone can use it free of charge. guides offer advice to citizens and organisations

The guides produced by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency have become very popular. The guides have tens of thousands of readers every month, and this number is going up constantly.

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency works in extensive cooperation with other authorities and organisations to ensure that the guides offer information as comprehensively as possible on topics that concern many people. The guides have clear instructions for different life events and information on regional and national services. The guides advise readers on how to handle matters independently, which reduces the need to contact authorities or other services.

Previously published guideson the website help citizens through various life events and guide companies through different kinds of business-related situations. The AI guide that is being published now is the first one to advise organisations on digital development.

The publication of the Using AI responsibly guide is also an invitation for organisations and experts to join in the development of guidelines for the accountable and responsible use of artificial intelligence. Anyone interested can contact [email protected]

Guide for digital services developers: Using AI responsibly


Guide: Using AI responsibly:
Chief Specialist Marko Latvanen, [email protected], tel. +358 295 535 066 (available after 12 am today) guides for digital developers:
Senior Specialist Juha Viinikainen, [email protected], tel. +358 295 535 161