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Moving in Finland 

Submit a notification of move using the instructions on this page when you move in Finland 

  • permanently from one home to another 
  • temporarily to another address for not more than one year and return to your permanent address. 

You can use one notification to enter your address information both in the information system we maintain and, if you wish, in the Posti’s address information system. 

Submit a notification of move at the earliest one month before the date of the move or at the latest one week after the move. When you submit a notification in time and following instructions, you ensure that your information is updated in time in the Population Information System and that your mail is immediately sent to the correct address. Please note, the processing time starts from the date of moving. 

Foreigner´s move

NOTE. If you are a foreign citizen notify your move in accordance with the instructions on page “Foreigner’s move to Finland, in Finland and out of Finland”.

If you have already submitted a notification of change of address, please do not submit a new notification. You can follow the updating of your address information by logging in to the web service at sevice.