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Watch out for scam messages pretending to be from – do not click on the links in the message

Publication date 10.8.2023 10.14

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency warns of scam messages sent in the name of

The message in question is a phishing message that attempts to get the user to click a link in the message. Do not click any links if you get these messages.

Messages pretending to be from are sent in Finnish language. Different versions of the scam have been met. 

One of the scams asks to activate and update your information. never ask to update one's information via email or SMS.

Another scam message acclaims falsely that there is a technical fault in the Application and asks to log in via (a phishing) link on the web. However, app is up an running normally.


Do the following

Do not click  on any links in e-mail or text messages. Do not access the services  through links or search engine results. Instead, enter the full address  of the website in the address bar.

You can also bookmark the most important addresses or add them to favourites on your browser.

If you suspect that your personal data is in the wrong hands, see guidelines on the Web Service

See also more information on online scams on the Web Service.


Updated on August 4th. More information added about new scam messages.

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