Termination of guardianship

If you are a client and want your guardianship to be discontinued, discuss the matter with your guardian first. You can apply for the termination of the guardianship from the guardianship authority together if your guardian also feels that the guardianship can be discontinued.

The guardianship authority may order the guardianship to be terminated if the client no longer needs a guardian. The guardian and the client must apply to the guardianship authority for the termination of the guardianship together. The client must also be able to understand the significance of the matter.

If the client and the guardian cannot agree on the need to terminate the guardianship, the guardianship authority cannot order the guardianship to be terminated. The client can then apply to the district court for the termination of the guardianship. The district court is always competent to resolve the matter.


The decisions issued by the guardianship authority and the district court in connection with appointments of guardians and confirmations of continuing powers of attorney are always subject to a charge.

Termination of guardianship

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