Permit for purchase or sale of real estate

When in your role as guardian, you sell real property owned by your client alone, owned in part by you client or owned by an estate in which you client is a stakeholder, or buy real property for your client you need a permit to do so. You will also need a permit if the transaction concerns an unseparated parcel or part of the property, or the leasing or other right of use with its buildings. For example, a permit is required for the sale of a single-family house located on a rental plot.

We recommend that you apply for a permit for the sale of a property in advance. However, you will need to attach a draft of the deed of sale to the permit application, which means the details of the transaction must be settled at the time you submit the application. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency can also retrospectively approve a real estate transaction, if it is in the interest of your client. However, the transaction will not obligate your client before a permit has been issued.

Before making any decisions concerning the tasks you are charged with, ask for your client's opinion, if it is important to do so and the hearing can be arranged with significant difficulty. However, a hearing will not be necessary, if your client is unable to understand the meaning or significance of the action.

This is what to do

  • Fill in the permit application and submit it and its attachments to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Permit application

  • The processing of your permit application will be faster if you submit all the necessary attachments at the same time with your application. Where necessary, we will ask you for supplementary data.

  • We will send any request for supplementary data electronically to the Messages service or via email, by post as a letter or by phone. You can submit the application via email by secure mail. Select [email protected] as the recipient of the secure mail.

  • Submit the signed and scanned application and its attachments to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency by email or by post or take it personally to your nearest Digital and Population Data Services Agency service location.

Required documents

Required documents In addition to the permit application form the following documents must be appended:

  • Deed, a draft of the deed or a preliminary agreement
  • A current assessment of value or another reliable report or assessment on the value of the property.
  • An expert assessment on the value of the forest
  • An appraisal on the value of the field by the local Agricultural Administration Office or another expert
  • In the case of the transfer or acquisition of a land lease or equivalent right of use, a land lease agreement is attached.
  • If, when acquiring a property, the seller's right of ownership is not listed in the title deed, an additional explanation of the property’s ownership
  • If a party to the transaction is an estate, an estate deed with a shareholder record, or if no confirmation has been applied for, an estate deed without an account of family relationships will be appended to the application. If we need further reports on family relationships, we will request these separately.
  • The deceased person's potential will, including its service of notice or certificate of validity as well as any possible prenuptial agreement, if an estate is a party to the transaction.
  • When purchasing real property, a statement on how the funding for the purchase will be arranged.
  • If your client is a minor aged 15 or over or an adult whose functional capacity is not limited and they understand the significance of the matter, the client’s written opinion on the transaction will be appended to the application.

Check list

  • Consider whether the planned purchase or sale will benefit your client
  • Discuss the matter with your client and find out their opinion, if the client is able to understand the significance of the matter.
  • Note that the purchase price must correspond to the fair value of the property.
  • Check that you have all the necessary attachments for the permit application. The attachments to the application may be copies.
  • Make sure that you are not disqualified from acting as a guardian in a real estate transaction. If you yourself or your close relative is a party to the transaction, you will need to apply for a substitute guardian.


A permit decision costs EUR 184. 

Processing period

The average processing time is two months. As a rule, cases are processed in their order of arrival. In individual cases, the processing time may be less or more than this depending on the size and complexity of the matter. Processing times are longer when not all necessary reports have been included as attachments to the application.

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