Moving while living abroad

According to Finnish legislation you have to inform the authorities if you are changing your address abroad. When your address information is up-to-date in the population information system, you ensure that you are notified of the right to vote at the time of the election. You can also get a passport faster. If your address is incorrect you may not receive contact from the authorities such as pension decisions or conscription letters.

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You may also notify it in your country of residence via the local Finnish consulate, etc.



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You can also contact us in matters related to moving via chat at our Facebook pages. Chat service is open Mon-Fri from 9.00 to 15.00. Only general questions on moving are handled through the chat service. The channel is not protected and consequently, other personal or sensitive information should not be given on the chat service. The chat service is also unable to answer questions on the processing of matters that are already pending. Chat service is closed until April 30th.


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