Moving to Finland or moving abroad from Finland

When moving from Finland to abroad or from abroad to Finland you must make a notification of move.

Moving to Finland 

You must make a notification of move to The Digital and Population Data Services Agency if you are moving to Finland permanently or living in a new address takes more than three months.

If you already know when you come to Finland that you will live here for less than a year, and then move back abroad, your move is temporary. In this case, you will be entered a temporary address in the population information system and you don't receive a home municipality from Finland.

It is also a question of temporary move when you intend to live in Finland for at least a year but the reason for coming is for example conscription and it is not intended to remain in Finland permanently.

If you plan to live in Finland for at least a year, it is advisable to report the move as permanent. In that case you will receive the benefits offered by the home municipality. If your intended temporary residence becomes permanent you must make a notification of move.

If necessary you can also notify a postal address that is different from your residential address.

When you move from the Nordic countries to Finland the notification of move must be made in person at the service location of the Digital and Population Data services Agency. You need to visit our office within a month of moving to Finland. Please take your passport with you.

When moving to Finland from other countries, you can file a notification of move electronically if your information is already in the Finnish Population Information System. Otherwise, notification of move must be made in person at the service location of the Digital and Population Data services Agency.


Moving abroad from Finland

You must always submit a notification of move to Digital and Population Data services Agency if you are leaving Finland to move abroad.

Your correct address is important so that you can be informed about your voting rights in the Finnish national and EU elections. In addition, the Finnish authorities will reach you as quickly as possible if necessary.

When you move abroad for more than one year it is a permanent move. After this, you no longer have a home municipality in Finland. The move thus affects, for example, your right to vote in municipal elections and other rights tied to the municipality.

When you move abroad for less than one year it is a temporary move. In this case, your home municipality will remain in Finland with its rights and obligations.

In some situations emigration can also be temporary for more than a year. Such a special situation may exist if you have a closer connection to Finland than to your country of residence based on your living conditions. Even then, it is a matter of permanent emigration if the residence is intended to last or has already lasted for more than three years.


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