E-mail certificate

E-mail certificates are needed in an organisation that uses individual e-mail addresses monitored by several persons. The recipient of messages sent to these addresses is the unit or department responsible for the issue, not an individual employee in it. Examples include addresses used to send:

  • requests to a registry office
  • orders
  • notifications
  • other email address used for sending action requests that contain confidential information related to a process.

The e-mail certificate can be used to receive encrypted messages and to sign messages that you send. An e-mail certificate is used to access encrypted messages sent to the organisation's e-mail address. The certificate can also be used to sign the organisation’s outgoing e-mail messages.

An e-mail certificate is a file-based certificate and its use does not require a card reader or separate software. An e-mail certificate is compatible with the most commonly used e-mail programs supporting S/MIME messages.

A fee is charged for an e-mail certificate.