Digital Support Week 30 August - 3 September 2021

From time to time, the digitalizing world challenges each of us. Fortunately, help is available, and you don't have to know everything yourself. The digital support week organised by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency will be held again from 30 August to 3 September 2021. Join us, learn and be inspired - together we will make digital skills new civic skills!

Digitalisation has become a permanent part of our everyday life, and digital competence enables smoother everyday life. From time to time, however, each of us is struggling with digital transformation, which is why there is help available to increase digital skills.

The digital support week (30 August - 3 September 2021) is a virtual event week open to everyone and free of charge, which is visible both nationally and locally throughout Finland. The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the importance of digital competence and increasing digital skills. 

About the programme of the week

From the Digital Support Week, you can pick up tips for e-services and the use of digital services. In addition, digital competence of digital support providers and interested parties will be strengthened during the week by offering topical discussions and information on the development of digital competence. 

The week is divided into theme days, the first of which deals with the provision of digital support from a professional perspective, and later in the week, the students familiarise themselves with future digital skills, different user perspectives and the quality of digital services. Alongside the national programme, various regional digital support providers organise local, practical programmes that provides tips on e-services, for example.

Participation in the week is easy!

To participate in the event week, you need a smart device (computer, tablet or smartphone) and an Internet connection. Check out the available events for the whole week (link will be provided later).  and choose the most interesting. Welcome to the training!

How do I participate?

●    Participate remotely to the programmes that interest you and collect tips from them to build up digital competence 
●    Participate to the discussion on Facebook’s event page and share your own tips for making the daily life with digital technologies easier
●    Add the campaign symbol of the Digital Support Week to your social media profile picture with your Digital Support Tip and Time tags #Digital Support Week #Digital Support
●    Inform someone close about the programme and remote digital support

I offer digital support - how can we participate?

●    Add the campaign symbol or online banner of the Digital Support Week (visual material below) to your social media profile pictures or website.
●    Disseminate information about the Digital Support Week and your own digital support tips using the hashtags #Digital Support Week #Digital Support
●    Provide remote advice, virtual guidance or tips for using your digital services during the week of the event.
●    Publish the picture ‘Participating to the Digital Support Week’ (visual material below) on your website and social media channels.
●    Please note that this is a non-profit event and cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Visual materials

The campaign's visual materials (link) are freely available to the digital support network and our partners. We therefore encourage you to download the materials and utilise them in your own channels in connection with the Digital Support Week.

Digital Support Week Facebook Event

The centre of the Digital Support Week is its Facebook event. The event and its discussion are open to everyone. Both citizens and organisations can ask questions about digital competence and answer them. Representatives of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency participate in the discussion and are responsible for moderating the Facebook event.

More information about the event week:

Digital Support Week Facebook Event >