Accountability at the beginning of guardianship

Once you have been appointed the guardian for your client, who is an adult the authority will supervise your actions. The first thing you must do once you have been appointed guardian is to draw up an inventory of your client’s assets and debts, which you will submit with its attachments to the agency.

As guardian you will submit a property inventory to the guardship authority within three months of stepping into your position. The inventory must include all your client’s assets and debts the management of which has been given to you.

Attach copies of the necessary documents and receipts to the inventory. The inventory and its attachments will not be returned to you.

The information you provide in the property inventory is also the preliminary data for the first annual statement. As a guardian, you must maintain records so you can draw up an annual statement on their basis each year. You will need to attach receipts/documents from which the accounting period’s financial activities can be verified. The annual statement and its attachments will be returned to you after the audit for safekeeping. It is your responsibility to see to the retainment of documents that have accumulated over your period as guardian.

As guardian, you may not disclose information on the client to others without the client’s consent. A guardian’s obligation to secrecy also applies to audit materials.

Do the following

  • First read the instructions

Property inventory instructions - Adult client (in Finnish)

  • Fill in, print and sign the property inventory form.

Property inventory form - Adult client (in Finnish)

  • Please return the form and its attachments to your local agency offices within three months of the start of your assignment.

An effort is made to review property inventories soon after their arrival. If it becomes apparent during the audit that more information is needed, you will be contacted.

Check list

  • Keep accounting records from the very beginning of your assignment.
  • Keep account statements and receipts in a format that ensures you have access to them when necessary.
  • Retain the documents you acquired during your time as guardian, remember your obligation to secrecy and due diligence.
  • Draw up a property inventory.
  • Attach copies of the necessary attachments, the property inventory will not be returned to you.
  • Survey of property and determination of fair value (apartments, properties, shares in estates, savings, safe deposit boxes, funds, listed or other stocks, investment insurance, valuables, vehicles)
  • Survey of debts (bank, enforcement, collections agencies, guarantees, debt instruments, debt arrangements)
  • Contact the bank (changes to access rights for account, opening a running expenses account, arrangement of accounts)
  • Pension notifications, tax and benefits decisions (ask for notifications and decisions for yourself, steer the income to the account to which you as the guardian have access.
  • Valid agreements (lease, sheltered housing, treatment costs, insurances)
  • Taking care of running matters (payment of bills and their transfer to the guardian, address changes, review of/application for benefits)
  • Agree with your client on the practices for use of money
  • Determine whether a property management plan needs to be confirmed for the client’s property, for example in the case of forest property

Key terms


Person on whose behalf you are acting


Person charged with the management of a client’s financial and wealth-related affairs

Property inventory

A list where the guardian reports the client’s property including debts according to the start date of guardianship.

Annual statement

An account on the management of your client’s property that is submitted once each calendar year

Final statement

An account on the management of your client’s property from the beginning of the calendar year to the date on which guardianship comes to an end.

Audit of statements

The guardianship authority will review the annual and final statements you have drawn up.

Frequently asked questions

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Property inventories, annual statements and final statements must be sent to the postal address of the service location.

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