EU citizens who have registered their right of residence may get a municipality of residence without visiting the Finnish Digital and Population Data Services Agency

27.3.2020 15.02
Press release

A foreign citizen moving to Finland can upon request get a municipality of residence in Finland, if certain legal provisions are fulfilled. To get a municipality of residence, a personal visit to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency is usually necessary, to prove that one de facto is staying in Finland.

From now on, EU citizens and their families may, under certain circumstances, have a municipality of residence even without this personal visit. This applies to you who:

  • are a citizen of an EU member state, Switzerland or Liechtenstein, or a family member of such a person,
  • have registered your right of residence with the Finnish Immigration Service, or have been issued with a family member residence card,
  • already have a Finnish personal identity code, and
  • move to Finland from any other country than Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Iceland.

NB! This new practice does not apply to citizens of the Nordic countries, as they are not obligated to register their right of residence. Citizens of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland must therefore also in the future visit the Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

You can apply for a municipality of residence by sending a request by encrypted e-mail. You can send encrypted e-mail at; please choose "Ulkomaalaisten rekisteröinti ja kansainväliset asiat" as recipient.